Storage, care and maintenance

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Storage, care and maintenance

Clean your packraft: Washing with mild soap helps keep your boat clean and prevent the spread of invasive species across waterways.

Air dry your packraft:If your boat is stored wet, it will damage the TiZip-zipper and can develop a strong odour which can be very difficult to remove. In addition, wet packrafts can spread invasive species. We recommend hanging your boat to dry after every trip, before storing. Letting it dry while inflated is another great option.

Storing your packraft: After it is clean and dry, we recommend storing your packraft in a cool dry place with good air flow. Hanging, loosely rolled up og loosely folded is good methods. To reduce UV aging, do not store your packraft in direct sunlight.

Do not use “UV-Protectant” or similar sprays on your packrafts: These sprays create a hard outer coating that prevents repair materials and glue from sticking to the packraft. If you do accidentally use an UV-Protectant spray on your boat, it will wear off after some time use.

TiZip – Care and maintenance

You must clean, dry and lubricate your TiZip after every trip, and often when you are in the field. You need to keep your zipper chain clean and free of sand, dirt and debris.The lubricant will attract sand and we do not recommend applying lubricant directly to the chain. If your zipper need cleaning, start with a small brush (for example a used toothbrush), and use warm soap and water for more difficult cleaning.

It’s important that you let the zipper allow to dry before closing. Failure to dry will cause the zipper to rot and crack. For storage over longer time is recommended that you clean, dry and close the zipper.

A small maintenance kit with:
- A small clean rag (10x10cm)
- Zipper lubricant
- Small brush
Is recommended to use in the field and at home.

How to use lubrication:

The TiZip-zipper should always run smooth and easy. If your zipper is difficult to move or feels sticky, it needs lubrication. Before lubricating you need to be sure that the zipper chain is clean.

- With the zipper closed apply a lube to the rag and use the rag to work the lube into the urethane laminated exterior of the zipper. Do not apply lubricant on the zipper teeth.

- Continue to use the rag to until all the exterior surface of the closed zipper is coated.

- Wipe down the zipper until all excess lubricant is removed. Excess lubricant can and will attract sand and dirt.

- Wipe down the zipper until all excess lubricant is removed. Excess lubricant can and will attract sand and dirt.

- Open the zipper and use the rag to lightly lube the chain and sealing edges.

- Apply a small amount of lube to the docking end.

- Open and close the zipper several times. Now it should run smoothly and close easily. If necessary, you can repeat the steps above.

The purpose is to regularly maintain a very thin coat of lube along the length of the zipper allowing the head to slide freely and dock easily.