The Ultimate Guide to Packrafting with Your Little Ones

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The Ultimate Guide to Packrafting with Your Little Ones

Packrafting is a fun activity for the whole family. Even one-year-olds can join in with some adjustments. It's especially great for families with kids too big tobe carried but not ready for long hikes.With a packraft, families can access before unreachable areas and float along scenic waterways. In this article, we'll provide tips for packrafting with kids.

Adapting the packrafting experience for kids

When packrafting with kids, it's important to create a safe and comfortable environment for them to become familiar with being on and around water. Plan short distances with frequent breaks and allow time for kids to explore. Avoidoverly ambitious goals and start with easy and gentle routes.

An overnight trip to a remote island can be an exciting adventure for both kids and adults, but make sure to start small and build upgradually. It's crucial to consider the needs of the children and not push them beyond their limits. Remember to always focus on safety and enjoy the journey at a pace that works for everyone.

Placing kids in a packraft

When packrafting with kids, it's best to use a double-packraft with two seating positions. If your children are small, consider having two adults in the packraft.

If your child is curious and wants to look outside the packraft, placing them on the floor can increase the freeboard height. But keep in mind that the floor is thin and shouldbe insulated with blankets or sleeping pads. If the weather is rough, it's safer to keep the child inside the packraft.

If you have several children onboard, place a sleeping pad on the floor of the packraft. Remember toprioritize safety and keep your children's needs in mind.With careful planning and consideration, packrafting with kids can be a fun and safe adventure for the whole family.

When to start paddling in their own packraft

As a general rule, children who are going to paddle in their own boat should have basic swimming skills. It is possible for children to start paddling in their own packraft from around the age of 7.Wenormally recommend starting with a packraft without a spraydeck, as this is often perceived as easier for many.

The length of a packraft is notnecessarily a disadvantage for a child, but the sitting position can be a bit low for a short body. The sitting position canbe built up with foam padding or an extra seat mounted on top of the other.


  • Use a properly fitting life vest for your child, with a handle on the back for added safety.
  • Dress appropriately for the weather, bring extra clothes in case of an unexpected swim.
  • Rubber boots/waterproof shoes can be useful on board. Consider bringing lighter shoes for going ashore.
  • Snacks (no one wants to get hangry on a trip).
  • A packraft with a TiZip is useful for longer trips with lots of gear.

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