Weight from: 3464g

• Packraft for two (or perhaps your dog)
• Long waterline that ensures great directional stability
• Capacity of 260 kg

Olive Green
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Norseraft Longship - Packraft for 2 persons

The Longship is the perfect alternative for two paddlers, or when you want to take your dog packrafting. The long waterline ensures great directional stability and the design gives the packraft a great balance. You can use it for crossing water and rivers, or just to get out fishing. With solid materials and lightweight it's the key to any adventure. 

  • Designed in Norway
  • 3 years warranty
  • Removable skeg
  • Luxury seat
  • Luxury backrest
  • 10 attachment points for gear
  • 2 handles for carrying
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Extremely durable materials

How to use the Norseraft Longship

Put your brand new Packraft in your backpack and get out on an adventure, because with the Norseraft Longship you have a new and super fun adventure-tool that will take your adventure to a new level. The Longship is can be used in the sea, on larger lakes, in mountain lakes, and in calm rivers. Longship is incredibly easy to use, even for those who have no experience with canoes or kayaks. You have a very stable sitting position and have plenty of room for both yourself, your co-paddler and your gear. The Longship is designed for the Norwegian mountains and therefore handles rough use.

If you are looking to save weight, the seat, backrest can be temporarily removed.

Materials and Production

All Norseraft Packrafts are handmade from TPU coated Nylon material, specifically manufactured to our requirements. The material is UV-resistant, abrasion-resistant, flexible at low temperatures, and in general just really tough. The tubes are made of 210D Nylon with a TPU coating on the outside. The floor is made of 840D Nylon with a TPU coating on both sides.

Norseraft Packrafts have seams that are both sewn and welded, making them stronger than the material itself. Each Packraft is handmade by skilled workers with state-of-the-art production equipment. Seams are taped where applicable to avoid leaks.

Ships with

  • Packingstrap (25 g)
  • Luxury seat, front (208 g)
  • Luxury seat, back, (270 g)
  • Luxury backrest, front (220 g)
  • Luxury backrest, back (131 g)
  • Removable skeg (127 g)
  • Inflation bag (154 g)
  • Repair material (40 g)


Weight (only packraft) 3464 g
Weight* 4429 g
Outer length 310 cm
Outer width 104 cm
Inner length 176 cm
Inner width 38 cm
Tubes 33 cm
Capacity 260 kg

*Weight includes packraft, seat and backrest for both positions. 

Customer Reviews

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ingrid van niekerk

Service great! Got it in 1 week. Tried it once with dog. Worked ok although I would like to sit a bit higher

Håkon Jensen-tveit

Pakketilbud: Norseraft Longship

Fint sätt att komma ut i naturen

Mycket bra packraft. Priset bra, och kvaliteten verkar bra. Lätt att blåsa upp med medföljande pump och den är väldigt lättpaddlad. Rodret gör den även kursstabil. Rekommenderar att du skaffar två extra uppblåsbara sitsar för då blir positionen mycket bättre för paddling.
Rekommenderar alla att skaffa en packraft från Norseraft.

Meaty, big and small to pack

I've used the Longship twice already.
First I used as a bike packraft with the bike packed lengthways with the rear wheel still in the bike frame, making it an amazingly stable load carrying packraft without the stability issues that you get on pointed fronted packrafts when you have the bike on sideways, especially for the inexperienced paddler.
The second time was as a tandem packraft with a friend in the heart of the Cuillin mountain range in the Isle of Skye which it was a brilliant boat for the job.
Next time will be with my wife and dog on something local to get them both used to it and the idea.
The side pontoons are noticeably larger than a standard packraft, so you may need a booster seat on top of the stock cushion to raise a shorter paddler up to a stronger paddling position and the higher pressure pump is essential to get the high pressure such a long tandem boat needs.
10/10 from me

Rune Madsen
Fin for syklister.

Har brukt denne på noen turer med sykkel i sommer og må si at jeg er fornøyd. Hadde bl.a. en fin-fin tur på Haldenvasdraget, hvor jeg syklet til Skulerud, tok packraften ned til Halden og syklet hjem igjen. Eneste jeg har å bemerke, er at jeg som nybegynner (eldre, litt skarnglete ledd) med dårlig "padlemuskulatur", blir fort sliten i skuldrene, så jeg bruker begge sitteputene for å sitte litt høyere. Dette har hjulpet meg veldig. Bare et tips for de som sliter litt med sitteposisjonen. Longship, med sine brede pontonger, føles veldig stødig og trygg på rolige vann.