Packraft Package deal: Viking

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• Norseraft Viking packraft
• Norseraft Novice paddel
• Flextailgear Max Pump Plus


Packraft Package deal: Norseraft Viking + Norseraft Novice Paddle + Max Pump Plus


The Viking is the perfect packraft for your next adventure. No matter where you are going, the Viking got you covered. Perfect for backpacking, bikepacking, fishing, and wild multi-day adventures. With the Viking, you get a high-quality, well-equipped packraft at a bargain price.

  • Designed in Norway
  • 3 years warranty
  • Removable skeg
  • Luxury seat
  • Luxury backrest
  • Removable spraydeck
  • 10 attachment points for gear
  • 2 handles for carrying
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Extremely durable materials


    Weight 3700 g
    Sitting length* 135 cm
    Outer length 276 cm
    Outer width 94 cm
    Inner length 145 cm
    Inner width 37 cm
    Tubes 28 cm

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    Norseraft Novice paddle

    The basic paddle for entry into packrafting. Its has a aluminium shaft and a blade with polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass, including drip rings. Find design features direct from our higher models, but at a lower price. A great paddle which suits most people.

    • 0°, 30°, 60° angle
    • 4 pieces
    • 230 cm

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    Flextailgear Max Pump Plus - The perfect pump for Packrafting!

    The best eletrical pump for packrafting is the original Max Pump Plus from FlexTailGear.

    Practical electric (rechargeable) pump for packraft and inflatable sleeping pads. This is the original that is proven and has high quality. This super-light pump can be used to both fill and empty your packing power or your sleeping pad for air. The pump comes with a number of different nozzles and fits the main valve on all packrafts and inflatable sleeping pads. It can be used instead of a inflation bag if you want to inflate the packraft quickly and easily.


    • 3600mAh lithium batteries
    • Chargingtime 8 hours
    • ONLY 160g
    • IPX4 certified (Splash-proof)
    • 1.9 kPa pressure
    • CE/FCC/ROHS/MSDS certified

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 57 reviews
    Bánhalmi Miklós

    The boat's color, material, shape, etc is awesome. I really enjoy the paddling with it. The wavedeck is a pain in the ass. Both zipper is cheap and weak. The front one is broke on the first use and the back one is always opening up when it's streched a little bit. This side of the Viking needs an upgrade. I think the best solution is a zipper with the bigger tooths. I try to upgrade mine locally. All in all I love my Viking. The customer support is really outstanding! I haven't experienced this recently.

    Thanks for this valuable feedback Bánhalmi, the upgrades are already in motion!

    Lennart Syrèn

    Har köpt två viking. Jag och min sambo propaddlade i dag.Gick bra en liten hund var med.Vi är nöjda med våra viking.

    susanne grüner
    Instruktionsbok stort minus, produkt 5+

    Packraften har varit ett nöje att använda! Robust och stabil. Och jag kommer säkerligen ha många trevliga äventyr i den. Men det att instruktionsboken var på engelska var ett stort minus. Och ledde till att det var problematiskt att ge sig ut första gången. Och än idag så kvarstår frågetecken då jag inte är så duktig på fack-engelska.

    Benny Stern

    Har inte hunit testa den än

    Tony Colla
    Viking my first packraft

    Firstly I was extremely impressed with the service from Norsecraft. So far I have used my Viking on my local river, s turns on the rapid, ferry gliding etc. It takes a little adjustment from my usual kayak as it tends to move across the surface rather than cut it, really enjoying learning to handle a new craft. Appear well made, stable. Should have bought the foot rest, a dry bag seems to work. Trying on the lake this weekend.
    All around good purchase.