FlexTailGear Max Pump Plus


Max Pump+

The best eletrical pump for packrafting is the original Max Pump+ from FlexTailGear.

  • 3600mAh lithium batteries
  • Chargingtime 8 hours
  • ONLY 160g
  • IPX4 certified (Splash-proof)
  • 1.9 kPa pressure
  • CE/FCC/ROHS/MSDS certified


After testing both Max Pump 2 and Max Pump 2020, we have concluded that Max Pump + is still by far the best pump for Packraft. The reason is simple: Max Pump 2 is completely waterproof, but the controls are too knotty. Max Pump 2020 has no water protection, which is not very practical when doing water sports. All pumps pump the same amount of air per minute, and although Max Pump 2020 and Max Pump 2 on paper give better pressure, it has no significance in practice, you unfortunately have to use a little lung power at the end anyway.


Practical electric (rechargeable) pump for packraft and inflatable sleeping pads. This is the original that is proven and has high quality. This super-light pump can be used to both fill and empty your packing power or your sleeping pad for air. The pump comes with a number of different nozzles and fits the main valve on all packrafts and inflatable sleeping pads. It can be used instead of a inflation bag if you want to inflate the packing power quickly and easily.

Perfect for hiking

The pump weighs only 160 grams, is the size of a soda can and is splash-proof. Fits perfectly in your pocket and is easy to take on a trip.

Inflatable sleeping pad? Inflate in under 60 seconds 

If you have an inflatable sleeping pad, you do not have to inflate it or use a hand pump - Max Pump + fills the sleeping pad with air in about 60 seconds (depending on the sleeping pad).

Customer Reviews

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Lars Honningsvaag

Haar ikke brukt den

Kyrre Riksen

FlexTailGear Max Pump Plus

Jon arne Holm

Har ikke testet på tur, men testet den hjemme. Ser lovende ut. Blåser opp min packraft på ett øyeblikk. Skulle ønske jeg hadde den med til Femunden i sommer 👍

Ole J.
Liten pumpe med stor kapasitet

Liten og lett pumpe med kapasitet til å blåse opp (og tømme) flere packrafter. Pluss for at det følger med flere munnstykker, minus for trang pose og ubeskyttet av/på-knapp. Men uansett et godt kjøp!

Marit Jørgensen
Et must på tur!

Rekker til flere oppblåsinger, tar ikke plass og veier minimalt.