Package deal: Norseraft Karvi + Norseraft Novice

Package deal: Norseraft Karvi + Norseraft Novice

Norseraft Karvi

Norseraft Karvi - Ultralightweight minimalistic Packraft

The Karvi is the perfect alternative when weight is important. Its for the lang hauls with lots of carrying. You can use it for crossing water and rivers, or just to get out fishing. With solid materials and lightweight it's the key to any adventure.

  • Designed in Norway
  • 3 years warranty
  • Luxury seat
  • Luxury backrest
  • 6 attachment points for gear
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Extremely durable materials


    Weight (only packraft) 1876 g
    Weight* 2277 g
    Sitting length** 95 cm
    Outer length 200 cm
    Outer width 88 cm
    Inner length 108 cm
    Inner width 38 cm
    Tubes 25 cm

    *Weight includes packraft, seat and backrest. 

    **To measure your sitting length, please sit down with your back against the wall and your legs extended. Please wear the shoes you intend to use for paddling while measuring from the wall to your heel. Your measured sitting length should be equal to or less than the sitting length provided in this table. This will give you a relaxed sitting position and the possibility to fully extend your legs. 

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    Norseraft Novice

    The basic paddle for entry into packrafting. Its has a aluminium shaft and a blade with polypropylene reinforced with fiberglass, including drip rings. Find design features direct from our higher models, but at a lower price. 4-pcs paddle designed for packrafting. 

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