Package deal: Norseraft Viking + Norseraft Intermediate

Package deal: Norseraft Viking + Norseraft Intermediate


The Viking is the perfect packraft for your next adventure. No matter where you are going, the Viking got you covered. Perfect for backpacking, bikepacking, fishing, and wild multi-day adventures. With the Viking, you get a high-quality, well-equipped packraft at a bargain price.

  • Designed in Norway
  • 3 years warranty
  • Removable skeg
  • Luxury seat
  • Luxury backrest
  • Removable spraydeck
  • 10 attachment points for gear
  • 2 handles for carrying
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Extremely durable materials


    Weight 3700 g
    Sitting length* 135 cm
    Outer length 276 cm
    Outer width 94 cm
    Inner length 145 cm
    Inner width 37 cm
    Tubes 28 cm

    *To measure your sitting length, please sit down with your back against the wall and your legs extended. Please wear the shoes you intend to use for paddling while measuring from the wall to your heel. Your measured sitting length should be equal to or less than the sitting length provided in this table. This will give you a relaxed sitting position and the possibility to fully extend your legs. 

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    Norseraft Intermediate

    • Upgraded design for 2021
    • Lightweight and strong carbon shaft
    • Solid and lightweight blades
    • 4 pc
    • 20cm length adjustment
    • Solid lock of aluminium
    • 90° angel adjustment 

    Norseraft Intermediate is a light and good paddle made especially for packrafting. Is has a shaft of carob, blade of polycarbonate and can be divided into four parts. This paddle is suitable for those who want to paddle i water, sea and rivers. Great for fishing og longer trips.

    Intermediate can also be adjustet in length from 210 to 230 cm, and the ange is adjustable so you can choose what fits you best. 

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    Customer Reviews

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    Ines de Almeida Severino

    Pakketilbud: Norseraft Viking + Norseraft Intermediate

    Ole Bjørn Slora

    Pakketilbud: Norseraft Viking + Norseraft Intermediate

    Markus Rørvik

    Norseraft Viking

    Tove Akre
    Norseraft Viking

    Packraften ble kjøpt og brukt i sommer. En utrolig packraft, stødig og flott til mitt bruk. Jeg padler ikke elver, men har prøvd meg på litt enklere farevann. Det at den er stødig og lett å padle betyr mye. Svært god service i forbindelse med kjøp. Det innga tillit:)

    Kim Bendiksen

    Fin service 👍