What is a spraydeck, and do i need it?

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What is a spraydeck, and do i need it?

When you are considering purchasing a Packraft, you must at the same time decide whether you want a spraydeck or not.

The Norseraft packrafts have two different spraydeck variants (on the Viking and Berserker). Ordinary spraydeck (removable deck) and whitewater spraydeck which is permanent.

The standard touring spraydeck is included on the Viking modell. This is a spraydeck that is easy to use, and that gives great protection against harsh weather conditions. If you want to leave the spraydeck at home to save weight it is easily removed. You can also roll and attach the spraydeck in the front area of the packraft to get some extra air on a hot summer day.

The Whitewater (WW) spraydeck on the Berserker consists of a permanent waterproof deck, a sprayskirt and a four-part aluminum edge for fastening the sprayskirt. This will make the packraft almost 100% waterproof.

Pros and cons

The advantages of choosing a spraydeck are many, first and foremost you can choose to take it off or on, as well as to use it without a skirt on the WW model. The main purpose of a spraydeck is to prevent water splashes into the boat. This can occur on flat water when paddling, especially if you paddle high, or in rivers and rapids where the water can seem to come from everywhere.

There are also some benefits to opting out of spraydeck. One of them is to save weight on the trip. A spraydeck weighs about 600-700 grams, so if you will use the packraft mainly for simple transport stages or expeditions where weight is a topic, it may be appropriate to order without, or leave it at home. Another advantage is that there will be no "loose" parts (such as the spraydeck and sprayskirt), in addition, an open boat is also easier to move in and out of.

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