What is packrafting?

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What is packrafting?

To explain what packrafting is, we must first explain what a Packraft is:

A Packraft is a small and easily inflated "boat" that weighs from about one to six kg. A Packraft often has a carrying capacity of between 150 kg and 250 kg and when not in use it can easily be packed together to the size of a sleeping bag and carried in or on the backpack.

The fact that a Packraft is small, light and inflatable does not in any way mean that it isn’t robust. All of our Packrafts are handmade with urethane-coated nylon, a material that is UV-tolerant, durable, resistant to aging and flexible at low temperatures. In other words, something completely different than the plastic boat you can buy in the toy store.

A Packrafts can come as a single and twin model. A twin model can also be paddled alone or with a friend, children, or dogs. You can take a dog or child on board a Packraft without being particularly afraid of holes as they are made to withstand collisions with rocks, branches etc. Should you be unlucky, a repair kit is included with all our Packrafts so that you can easily and quickly make a repair (glue must be purchased separately). We recommend that you bring some equipment to be able to handle small holes and tears in the field. See for example our Field Repair kit and Gorilla Waterproof patch & seal tape.


Packrafting revolutionizes outdoor life and how we can explore nature. With a Packraft you eliminate what were once natural obstacles, such as rivers, fjords and water. The unique thing about Packrafts is how light they are in relation to load-bearing capacity and robustness - this offers completely new opportunities for all those interested in hiking.


These rafts are definitely something for you who are interested in expanding your own possibilities in nature. A Packraft can be used to do what you would do in a canoe, kayak or rowboat, but also offers a number of other possibilities. Unpacked, the Packraft takes up little space, and together with the paddles it can be packed on the bike or in the backpack for shorter or longer trips and expeditions. When the Packraft is inflated, just strap the backpack, or bike, onto the bow and you are ready for a transport leg on water. When you are back on land again, just mount the Packraft on the backpack, even if it is inflated. Or it can be carried by hand. This provides opportunities in rivers and rapids, calm waters, or in coastal areas, summer, and winter.

Are you considering a kayak? A Packraft does not need a stand when it is to be transported by car, and you can hop on the train or bus at any time with a Packraft unpacked. How about going on the mountains for fishing for a weekend? Take the train, get off at a station and walk / paddle across as far as you can - with a packraft you may be able to fish in parts of the water you have never tried before.

A Packraft is also compatible with family life and children, and it can be a great family activity. Take the children to the nearest lake / pond near your home and let them master both paddling and the outdoor life.